Our donuts

MAD Donuts are the best donuts in White Plains. They are artisanal donuts that are hand-cut and handmade with fresh, natural ingredients. The dough is a brioche style dough made fresh daily. The flavors are MAD-huge and range from simple glazed  and cinnamon sugar to more interesting, bolder flavors like lemon meringue and raspberry jam filled. And the biggest apple fritter with the freshest apple filling in Westchester!

While we currently don’t have any gluten-free or vegan options available, we are working hard to get these on the menu soon.

Photo Credit: Bret Boylan Photography

Our family story

When our family moved to White Plains, we missed the great donut shops in New York City. It felt like a great opportunity to bring the type of options we were accustomed to in New York City to White Plains. We started at the White Plains Farmers Market with our first booth during the 2018 season and the rest is history.

MAD Donuts family: Matt, Aja (middle), Daisy (right)

We love our locals

MAD Donuts is a family-owned, minority-owned business that is based on providing something better for the local community while improving the community we live in. We always responsibly source staff and ingredients locally wherever possible. Focusing our efforts to develop the local community in how and what we serve is a primary focus in how we do business.

Vanilla-bean glazed — Photo Credit: Bret Boylan Photography

New beginnings

Historically, MAD Donuts has been partnering with local venues such as the Twisted Branch in Valhalla and the White Plains Farmers Market to get donuts to the community. In November 2019, MAD Donuts will be opened up a storefront at the Westchester Mall in White Plains. As MAD Donuts continues to grow in the Westchester Mall, a portion of coffee revenues will be donated to local non-profit organizations in order to continue our commitment to developing our local community. Giving back is a core part of our business.

Hope to see you at the store soon!

Apple Fritter — Photo Credit: Bret Boylan Photography

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